Ultimate Fighting Tournament

The Ultimate Fighting Tournament was founded by Haidu Sebastian-Ioan in October 2012. UFT is the first and only promotion from Romania who promotes both, mma and kickbox fights in ‘The Cage’! UFT tryes to find the best fighters in the country and give them the chance to evolve to a higher level.

UFT is not just a sporting event is an Emotion , a SuperShow , a Sensational Spectacle of sound , animation and lighting. All these aspects come to support all the work of coaches , players, referees and staff and give them and their public the greatest satisfaction.

Ultimate Fighting Tournament supports all martial arts clubs that have well-trained athletes and want to promote them in MMA and Kickboxing professional events. Sports clubs can send an email with all athletes informations (name, age, date of birth, kg , height, fights record, etc.) at contact@uft.ro and UFT will contact you to give you all the details of the next events in which athletes can participate.


See you @ next Ultimate Fighting Tournament event!


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